Adult Chapter

Just as a coach devises a game plan for his or her team, the FCA Adult Chapters form the “Game Plan” to encourage and support FCA Huddles in the following ways:


  • – Give permanence and stability to the local FCA Huddles
  • – Provide opportunities for area athletes and coaches to attend FCA National Camps and state and local events
  • – Coordinate FCA events (cookouts, clinics, banquets, weekend camps, etc.)
  • – Establish and build relationships with local churches
  • – Reach out to other adults in the community
  • – Inter-church fellowship


A Typical Meeting
About one hour, at least once a month

  • – Welcome/Prayer
  • – Introduction of guests
  • – Business (discuss upcoming events, fundraisers, camp recruitment, and report on Huddle activity)
  • – Testimony from coach and/or athlete of local Huddles
  • – Bible study and devotion or prayer time
  • – Sharing and fellowship time


How Do I Get Started?

  • – Contact the local FCA Representative about holding an organizational meeting
  • – Get the word out to the community about the time, date and location via local papers, public service announcements on radio and – TV, church bulletins, civic clubs, etc.
  • – At the meeting, discuss the purpose of FCA and the role the Adults Chapter can play
  • – Become and Official Chapter by sending the registration form and $50 fee to the Home Office
  • – Elect officers — President, Vice President, Program Coordinator, Recruiter, Secretary and Treasurer
  • – Set a date for the leadership to have a planning meeting
  • – Set a date for the official kickoff meeting