Your Southern California FCA Team
Mark Boyer, Mark Wracher, Donnie Dee, Karl Wilson, Erik Carlson, Harges Pittman,
Debbie Haliday, Jim Simmons, Barry Martinez, Ryan Limbaugh, Jen Price & Derrick Roth


Fellowship –Fellowship is building a caring and accepting community where those seeking a deeper spiritual life are accepted and encouraged. Examples: Praying together, making new people feel welcome, participating in Huddle activities, eating with friends, encouraging them to develop their talents, traveling together to FCA camp.


Outreach – Outreach is demonstrating by words and deeds to the world around us our relationship with Christ. Examples: Praying for non-Christian friends, inviting others to the FCA Huddle, planning a Huddle meeting as an outreach to the school, adopting a family through Prison Fellowship at Christmas, sharing your testimony with a friend by using the FCA witness pin.


Growth – Growth is developing a balanced Christian life that encourages a growing obedience to Jesus Christ. Examples: Participating in Huddle meetings, reading a Bible regularly, taking notes on your Pastor’s sermons, joining a youth Bible study at your church, memorizing Scripture, teaching a children’s class at your church.4


An FCA Huddle is:

  • – A group committed to growing spiritually
  • – Reaching out to others both in word and deed
  • – Where individuals can participate and be encouraged

An accountability group – Whether your Huddle has 5 or 500 student athletes, every meeting ought to include activities that further these goals. There may be a particular emphasis at a meeting, but all three (Fellowship, Outreach and Growth) must be kept in mind.

The goal of fellowship encourages us to use programs emphasizing participation. The goal of outreach encourages us to create a hospitable attitude in our Huddle.